Coed Softball Rules


Team captains/coaches please be sure your teams are familiar with the Tulsa Sports and Events Coed Softball rules and regulations.

The league is scheduled so that all teams will play the same number of games.

All games will be limited to 55 minutes with partial innings being completed. In the event of a
Game Time:
tie extra innings will be played until a winner is decided.

Teams are divided into 3 groups based skill levels A, B, or C. All 3 divisions still play each other.

The runs spotted are as follows:
A vs C = 6 Runs for the C team
A vs B = 3 Runs for the B Team
B vs C = 3 Runs for the C Team
A vs A = 0 Runs
B vs B = 0 Runs
C vs C= 0 Runs

The team who is in the lower division if they take the run spot is automatically made the visiting team. Teams have the option of not taking the run spot if they choose to play straight up. For playoffs all teams play without a run spot.

This format is designed to make match ups closer and give a chance to lower division teams of competing with some of the more experienced teams.

Halo Rule:
Balls hit up the middle by a male batter deemed dangerous to the pitcher are an automatic out. This is a judgement call made by the home plate official. Typically a ball that would be deemed dangerous to a pitcher is a ball that is above the bottom of the shin to 1 - 2 feet above the head and/ or a 1/2 an arms length to the left or right of the pitcher that has not hit the ground. This rule is in place in order to protect the pitcher and create a safer playing environment. It's also highly recommended that all pitchers wear a mask. There is a mask available at each ball field. 

Run Rule:
Games will be considered complete by the run rule if one team leads by 12 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs by 5 innings, 8 runs after 6 innings.

Grace period:
The first game should begin as scheduled. A grace period of 10 minutes will be allowed only if one team does not have a minimum of 8 players present. The grace period will not reduce the 55 minute game time. Failure to field a team after 10 minutes will be a forfeit.

Suspended games:
If a game is suspended by weather it will be considered finished if 4 innings have been completed. If the home team is ahead at 3 ½ innings during a game suspended by weather it will also be considered complete.

Rain outs:
Games canceled due to rain or other weather conditions will be rescheduled and played the following week. If a rain out is questioned and team captains have not received
an text message or a email
at least 1 hr prior to their scheduled game please call 918-271-2965.

Waiver and Team Roster:
Prior to the first game of the
season all team captains/ coach will be responsible for turning in a team roster and waiver release forms for all players on their team. Players may be added to team rosters until the 6th game of the season.

Players not added to a teams roster by week 5 who have not played during the first 5 weeks of play are not playoff eligible. 


Line up cards:
Line up cards will be provided by the league host and after being filled out should be provided to the plate umpire.


Teams may play with 8, 10 or 12 players in the
Legal line up:
line up. Teams Are required to have a minimum of 3 females or 3 males to refrain from a forfeit. With only 3 players of any specific gender teams are required to continue to rotate a boy girl batting order by rotating batters back in the line up. The opposing team then has the option to only field 3 of that gender.


The home team shall be the official scorekeeper; however, both teams are encouraged to keep a scorebook during the game. Should the home team not have a person to keep a score book, the umpire may appoint an official score keeper or shall be the official score keeper themselves.


In the event of a disputed
Player decorum:
play only the team captain or coach may talk to the umpire. It is the duty of the team captain/ coach to enforce this rule.


Umpires may eject any player, team captain, coach, or spectator during the game.  Anyone ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct or participating in deliberate violations of rules such as threats towards umpires, violence, intoxication etc,.will be suspended from further league play and must then immediately leave the park premises or facilities including the parking lot and may not return until after sunrise the following day.  Failure to comply with this rule will subject the offender to suspension of two games for the first offense, and second offenders will be asked not to return to the league for the remainder of the season.


A player may be ejected from a game without warning for inappropriate language, abusive language or taunting.


Umpires are protected by Law.  Any attempt to harm an umpire in any manor is a felony and will result in an arrest of the wrongdoer.  Furthermore, Tulsa Sports and Events reserve the right to permanently ban wrongdoer from park, leagues, events, or facilities.


If one team fails to show up or shows up without enough players for the first inning, then a forfeit will be called and forfeiting team takes a loss. In addition to taking a
loss any forfeiting team is required to pay $40 in ump fees to cover them selves and the opposing team.



No Beer, Wine, or Liquor will be allowed on or inside softball complex.

Drinking alcoholic beverages while playing WILL NOT be TOLERATED.  This applies to players, substitute players, coaches, extra hitters, and anyone participating in the game or in the softball complex.  Including the consumption of such listed beverages in the dugouts, stands, along the fence or anywhere your team is playing.


No Smoking on field or in dugouts.  This applies to any and all persons entering the ball field area.



ABSOLUTLY NO GLASS CONTAINERS of ANY KIND ALLOWED inside complex or on the softball field.


Game ball & Equipment:
ALL balls must be the specified game ball for that particular league night


Coed league: 11” USSSA Distance Ball.


*All equipment must conform to USSSA Softball Rules.


Home Runs:
Home Runs over the fence, exceeding the home runs per game limit are an out. 


On a fair-batted home run, the batter and all runners are credited with a score and do not have to advance through the bases.


Homerun Limit:
3 Home Runs


Home Runs One Up Rule:
All leagues have a designated home run limit per game.  Once both teams have hit their limit, one team may hit an additional home run until the other team hits one additional home run.  You may only go up one home run.  Any additional home runs more than one up will be an out; however, the one up rule does not apply during the last inning.


Special Situations:
In the event a situation arises that is not covered in writing by Tulsa Sports and Events, the decision of the umpire and league supervisor will be considered final.

Ties for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place:
In the event two or more teams are tied for either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the end of the season, the tie will be decided by the best season record against each other.  In case it was a .500 season, there will be 1 tiebreaker game.  In case of a 3 way tie, there will be a flip of a coin.  The team receiving the odd flip will sit out the first game and play the winner.  In the event of a 4 way tie, the league officials will determine how the tie is to be broken.

Parents MUST accompany CHILDREN at all times. NO minors are allowed to roam freely throughout the softball complex or the dugouts. Tulsa Sports and
Events, is NOT responsible for any unaccompanied children.  Children are not allowed on the playing fields at any time.


No Pets of any kind allowed; with the exception of seeing-eye dogs.


County Park Rules:
County Park Rules are posted on various signs throughout complex; failure to abide by these rules will result in expulsion from the park.

This applies to ALL players, coaches and spectators.


All players, team captain,
coaches and spectators must conduct themselves in a manner conducted to good sportsmanship.


There will be NO tolerance for drunkenness, profanity, abusive language, vulgarity, or disrespect of any kind to anyone…