Teams may play with 3 players.

Teams may play as many males or females on the court as they would like. It is a coed league so a mix of male and female players is encouraged.


Game Start Serving:

First game service is determined by an opening volley. First games service for later games will be alternated.

 Rotating Serve:

Players must rotate around the court and remain in their position until the serve has been hit. The player in the back right will be the next server after a point is scored and it will continue to rotate clockwise until the serve is lost.

If a serve hits the net and goes over it is still a live serve and is considered playable as long as it lands in bounds.

Live Play:

It is legal to set a serve.

Each team may contact the ball 3 times to return it to the other team. Blocks don’t count as contact.

The three players in the front are the only players allowed to attack the net. Attacking would be anything above the net.

If two players on the same team hit the ball at the same time it counts as one hit and any one may make the next contact.

Fair Contact:

All ball contact is fair as long as the ball is not held and bounces right away.

The ball can not be held, lifted, rolled, pushed, carried, caught or thrown.



If the ball is contacted by the fingers of one or both hands in the direction of a teammate it is considered a set. When using both hands the ball must hit both hands at the same time to avoid a double hit call.



Players are not allowed to attack the ball over the opposing court. If a players hand crosses the net on a follow through swing it is not considered a fault as long as it does not hit an opposing player or the net.



Blocks are close to the net and stop the ball coming from the opposing side during or after the ball crosses the net.

Players are allowed to make the next contact after making a block.

No serve blocking

No serve spiking.

Blocking is allowed over the opposing net when the opposing team spikes, after their third hit or if the ball is falling close to the net and no one on the attacking team is in a position to keep the ball live.

Near The Net:

No part of the body is allowed to touch the net unless the net is moved toward the player by the ball or another player.

It’s a double fault if the players from opposing teams hit the ball at the same time. The point will be played over.


During the season matches are played in a time slot using Rally Scoring teams play 3 games to 25 with a cap of 27. Basically teams will get a point whether they have the serve or not.


One ref will be provided for each game.


If a team does not have the needed amount of players to play a game after 15 minutes it will be at the discretion of the opposing team captain to wait or take a three game win over the team that did not show.


Playoffs are single elimination best 2 of 3 games.

Top 4 teams make the playoffs.

More than one match a day may be needed.

Special Situations:
In the event a situation arises that is not covered in writing by Tulsa Sports and Events, the decision of the umpire and league supervisor will be considered final.