Entrance fee of $435.00 per team. NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS will be accepted. Entrance fee will not be refunded once the game schedule has been made.

Ref fees are $20 per team due before each game and must be paid at the scorers table. Any team who does not have ref fees will automatically forfeit and will continue to forfeit future games until fees are caught up. In the event of a previous forfeit ref fees are due for the forfeited and current game.

All games will be played in accordance with the current NCAA rules, with the addition of the following:


a. Players in Men’s and Women’s Recreational and Competitive Leagues must be eighteen (18) years of age or older prior to the start of league play.

b. All players must carry a current picture ID with them at all times during all league games.

c. Players will not be allowed to play on more than one team in the same league during a season. If a player’s name is found on two teams, the player shall belong to the team they play for first. Rosters

d. Players must have played at least one regular season game during the first 5 weeks to be eligible for playoffs.

Team Rosters

a. Teams must have at least 7 players to register as a team with no cap on max number of players.

b. Final rosters must be turned in prior to the fifth game of the season.

c. There will be no roster changes allowed for any reason after the final roster has been submitted.


a. League Shirts will be provided by Tulsa Sports and Events. Shirts for the league will be provided based on the roster given at time of registration. Players who are added to the team roster later in the season will be required to wear a shirt of like color and have a number on the back. No additional shirts will be ordered after the first season game.

b. Tulsa Sports and Events reserves the right to approve/disapprove any team name, logo, language or uniform deemed lewd, vulgar, obscene or suggestive in order to maintain a wholesome environment conducive to providing quality leisure opportunities.

c. Team captain’s will decide at game time which ball will be used for the game.

d. Players must wear shoes that are designed for indoor wood court surfaces. No turf shoes or other black-soled shoes will be allowed. Players may not play barefooted or in stocking feet.

e. Referees may ban any equipment that they deem as unsafe or illegal.

f. No jewelry may be worn at any time during the game.

General Playing Rules

a. A total of four (4) Time-Outs will be allowed per game. One additional time out is provided in overtime.

b. Game Time is Forfeit Time. All players must be on the court and ready to play at game time or the game will be declared a forfeit. Players in the bleachers, parking lot or outside are not eligible. Teams MAY NOT use a time out to delay the start of a game.

c. If a team forfeits three (2) league games due to lack of players at the start of a regularly scheduled game, the team will be dropped from the league with no refund of entry fee and all teams scheduled to play the offending team for the remainder of the season will receive a win by forfeit. Make-up games scheduled on days other than the original will not apply.

d. Teams must start a game with five (5) players (no exceptions) but may finish with fewer players (down to 1).

e. No Dunking during warm-ups! Dunking will NOT be allowed at all during games.

f. No hanging on the rim at any time! Players guilty of hanging on the rim before, during or at half time will be assessed a Flagrant Technical Foul. Players/teams will be financially responsible for any and all damages to rims/goals damaged by players hanging on the rim.

g. Penalties Resulting In Ejection

            1. Anyone who is assessed the following shall be ejected:
                 a. Two direct technical fouls.
                 b. One intentional technical foul with one direct technical foul.
                 c. Three indirect technical fouls.
                 d. Two indirect technical fouls with one direct technical foul.
                 e. Two indirect technical fouls with one intentional technical foul.
                 f. Any flagrant foul.

Time Allotment

a. An official game shall consist of two 20 minute halves with a running clock. The running clock will stop for all timeouts. Whistles will stop the clock only in the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half.

b. A five (5) minute half time will be observed.

c. All substitutions must check in at the scorer’s table and wait for an official to allow them to enter the game.

d. Overtime – Any game ending in a tie will be continued with a four (4) minute overtime. One additional time-out will be awarded per team, per overtime. The running clock stops only for timeouts and during the last minute of the overtime.

e. 20 Point Rule – If a team is ahead by twenty or more points going into the last two minutes of the game, the clock will remain running until the team behind gets back inside the twenty (20) point mark.

Tie-Breaker Procedure

Tie breakers are decided by the following for playoff seeding-
A. Two way ties are decided by head to head match ups
B. Three or more way ties are decided by PS - PA total
(PS= Points Scored)
(PA= Points Allowed)

Conduct/Discipline Policy

a. Any Player, coach or manager ejected from any league game will be suspended for a minimum two (2) league games. Suspensions may be longer if the League Administrator deems it necessary.

b. Players, coaches or managers who have been ejected/suspended must leave the facility and grounds immediately or the team will forfeit the game, and must not return until the completion of the suspension.

c. Suspensions will carry over from season to season. Example: A player suspended for the final game of the season will also be suspended for the first game of the next season.

d. Physical violence, especially attacks on a game or tournament official immediately before, during or after a game or fights/confrontations between players/teams will result in an immediate one (1) year suspension and/or banishment from any Tulsa Sports and Events league, tournament or event participation.

e. The officials have the authority to remove a player, coach, manager or spectator from a game and/or forfeit the game due to unsportsmanlike conduct. This shall include, but is not limited to, profanity, threats of any kind toward the officials or scorekeeper, fighting (before, during or after the game), any intoxicated condition detected by the officials before or during the game or any flagrant foul as determined by the officials.

f. The City of Tulsa prohibits the use of alcohol in its facilities or in the parking lot. Smoking is prohibited in any City of Tulsa Facility.


a. Protests based on interpretation of the rules and player eligibility will be accepted by team captains only. Protests based on judgment calls will not be accepted.

b. All protests must be executed in the following manner. The notification of intent to protest must be submitted to the scorekeeper before the end of the game. The scorekeeper must make a note on the score sheet as to what is being protested and notify the officials that game is being played under protest. If protesting player eligibility you must submit the first and last name and the number of the player in question. If the player is found ineligible the offending team will forfeit the game in question.

Note: Both line-ups will be checked for eligibility.

Tulsa Sports and Events reserves the right to add, delete or amend the rules and regulations at any time for the betterment of the League.