For playoffs teams are seeded based on their Win/ Loss record 1st, Head To Head (if applicable) for a 2 way tie and the Points For/ Points Against Differential if there is a 3 way or more way tie in a division or if there is a two tie that cant be decided by Head To Head.

A team will consist of at least 10 players. A minimum of 6 players is required to avoid a forfeit. If for any reason a team drops below the minimum number of players the game will be declared a forfeit.

Teams may add players to their rosters throughout the regular season, teams will not be permitted to add players once the playoffs begin.

The Field:
80 yards long with a 10-yard end zone at each end. There will be first down lines every 20 yards.

The game will consist of two 25-minute halves. Half time will be no longer than 3 minutes. Each team will be allotted 2 30-second time out per half.

Touchdown = 6 points
Successful 5 yard extra point try = 1 point
Successful 10 yard extra point try = 2 points
Successful 20 yard extra point try = 3 points

Overtime games:
Each team will get a chance to score using 4 downs from the opposing 20yrd line. Extra points are included. 

If no winner is decided overtime will go into extra point shootout. Extra point shootout is started with a coin flip. Both teams get a chance to score. Shoot out continues until a winner is declared.

All players must wear appropriate athletic gear that fits the following criteria:
Shirts- Must be long enough to remain tucked in, or short enough so as to not interfere with the availability of the flag belt
Shoes- Must be worn at all times. Players may wear plastic or rubber molded cleats. No metal cleats are allowed. 

Misc.- At the discretion of the game official and/or field supervisor, players may be asked to remove apparel or accessories that may be dangerous to him or a fellow competitor. Players may not wear jewelry or any type of headgear (elastic headbands are allowed).


Captain’s Meeting
Game official will review rules and answer any questions.

Coin toss:
A coin toss will decide which team will have the option to choose either the possession of the ball or the direction of play in the first half. The opposing team will have the same options at the beginning of the second half. The team that wins the coin toss may defer the option to the second half.

2. The Game:

The clock will run continuously with the following exceptions: official’s or injury timeouts; team time outs; the final 2 minutes of the game (see section below entitled "Final 2 minutes"). Teams may be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for using stall tactics.

Final 2 Minutes 
During the final 2 minutes of the second half, the clock will operate according to NCAA rules. (Contact the office for details)

Advancing the ball

Teams may advance the ball by any legal means with the following restrictions:
The ball carrier may not:

  • Hurdle defensive players
  • Attach the flag in such a manner that it cannot be easily removed
  • "Guard the flag", this includes:
    • Stiff arming
    • Swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt
    • Carrying the ball in a position such that it protects the flag
    • Lowering the shoulders in such a manner which places the arm over the flag belt
    • Batting a defensive player’s hand away from the flag belt
    • Jumping while in possession of the ball

While carrying the ball in traffic, the ball carrier must carry the ball no lower than chest high.

When receiving players must have 2 feet in bounds for it to be a legal catch.

Players may spin to escape defenders but jumping will be treated as a flag guard.

No diving into the end zone or for first downs. (It will be considered a jump and penalty will be the same as a flag guard.

Flags are required to cross the line on all first downs and touchdowns ect.. the ball crossing the plain does not constitute a first down or touchdown. 

All receivers must line up 5 yards away from the side line. 


The QB will be considered sacked if his flag is pulled before release of the ball. Any and all close judgment calls are at the discretion of the official. 

Blockers may not leave their feet in for any reason.
They may not extend their arms but must keep their hands behind their back or by their side.
Absolutely no blocking below the waist. Any player guilty of this rule will be ejected.
Use of the shoulder to "shoulder block" will be not permitted and can in an ejection. Down field blocking is not allowed after 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Defensive Responsibility
Defensive players must go around the offensive screen block. The arms, hands, and shoulders may not be used to contact the opponent in any way.

Flag Belts

Are to be worn around the waist and attached with the plastic clip only. Any attempt to attach the flag by any other means or conceal the flag will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and may result in player disqualification. 
If the ball carrier’s flag belt comes off inadvertently, or is off prior to his/her receiving a pass or lateral, the player will be downed by a one-hand touch from a defender.
Defensive players may remove only the flag belt of the offensive player who is carrying the ball; intentionally removing the belt of an offensive player who does not have the ball is a violation of the rules. Any attempt to grab any part of the ball carrier other than the flag is a violation of the rules.


There will be no kick-offs, the 1st possession will start at the team’s own 20-yard line. All subsequent situations that would call for a kick-off will start at the 20-yard line of the team that would receive the kick. There will be no field goal or extra point kicks, EP attempts will be the scoring teams option (see section below titled Extra Point Attempts)


If a team elects to punt the ball on 4th down, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Team must declare its intention to punt.
  • The offensive team must line up with everyone (except the punter) on the line of scrimmage.
  • The defensive team may have two receivers back to field the punt, all other defensive players must line up on the line of scrimmage.
  • No member of either team may leave the line of scrimmage until the ball has been punted.
  • The ball will be allowed 2 bounces and will be considered dead after the second bounce.


Other rules specific to flag football


A ball that is fumbled becomes dead when it hits the ground. The team that was in in possession of the ball prior to the fumble retains possession, unless it was fourth down and the necessary yardage to gain a first down had not been attained.


The snapper must pass the ball to the QB in a continuous motion from the ground behind the line of scrimmage. 


Checking or bumping a receiver at the line of scrimmage is illegal.
All offensive players must line up at least 5 yards off the sideline. (10 yd. Penalty

3. Penalties and Enforcement

The referee has the discretionary authority to check flag belts for tampering or to ensure that they are secured legally. Violations will result in disciplinary actions.

Offsides, neutral zone infractions, false starts

5 yards from previous spot

Illegal block, illegal use of hands, arms, shoulders by defense

10 yards from spot of foul

Offensive/defensive holding

10 yards from spot of foul automatic 1st down

Offensive pass interference

10 yards from previous spot and loss of down

Defensive pass interference

10 yards from spot of foul and automatic 1st down

Unnecessary Roughness/ Unsportsman Like Conduct

15 yards from previous spot and/or player ejection

Illegal forward pass

5yds loss of down

Illegally secured or altered flag belt

5 yards from previous spot and loss of down/ Player DQ

Flag guarding

5 yards from spot of foul and loss of down



4. Playoffs

Top 4 to 6 teams in each conference/ division will be eligible for playoffs.

Teams will not be allowed to add any new players to their rosters for the playoffs (including league ties). In order to be eligible for the playoffs, a player must have participated in at least one regular season game during the first 5 weeks of regular season.

Tie games
If a playoff game is tied after regulation time the following procedure will take effect:

  • Each team will get 4 downs from the 20 yard line.
  • All regular rules apply.
  • If Team A scores, Team B will get 4 downs to attempt to score.
  • In the event a tie isn't broken game will go to Extra point shootout.(see overtime)

5. Sportsmanship

Players are expected to display good sportsmanship towards fellow competitors, officials, and staff. Any display of poor sportsmanship will be met with disciplinary actions. The yellow/red card system will be in effect.

The supervisor, on the field, will accept protests of rule interpretations only. Protests must be filed immediately after the play in question, once the ball is put back into play after the play in question, no protests will be honored. To file a protest, the team captain should ask the game official, at this point the supervisor will hear the scenario, explain the rule that applies, and render a decision. Decisions made by supervisors are final. There is no further appeals process. Supervisors will not listen to protests of officials judgment calls or competency.

Special Situations:
In the event a situation arises that is not covered in writing by Tulsa Sports and Events, the decision of the umpire and league supervisor will be considered final.

If you have any questions about the league, rules, or the code, please contact Tulsa Sports and Events staff at 918-271-2965.