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Need a reason to get off the couch?

At Tulsa Sports & Events it's our goal to help active adults stay active, social and off the couch in the Tulsa Area! Our leagues are a great way meet new people or to bring you and your friends/co-workers closer together.

Upcoming Leagues

 Sport  Deadline  Night  Info
 Mens Flag Football
 12/20/15  Sundays  Click Here
 Mens Basketball
 1/10/16  Sundays  Click Here

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Must be 18 or older to play


  • Tulsa Flag Football which has both Coed and Men's leagues!
  • Tulsa Softball which is currently coed only and a blast to play!
  • Tulsa Kickball is also a currently coed only and if you remember the playground this league will bring it back to life!
  • Tulsa Volleyball we provided sand and indoor coed and woman's leagues! Coed indoor is planned for January!
  • Tulsa Dodgeball we provide indoor and outdoor Dodgeball with both Coed and Mens leagues available. "If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball" Dodgeball The Movie


Along with our leagues we also offer sports tournaments and other competitions every year with HUGE prizes!

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Flag Football
Flag Football Magazine

The Governing Body For The Sport Of Cornhole


Tulsa Softball
Tulsa Kickball

Tulsa Volleyball
Tulsa Flag Football
Tulsa Dodgeball

Tulsa Flag Football
Tulsa Softball
Tulsa Dodgeball


Tulsa Basketball
Tulsa Volleyball



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